Matt Wigton is a bassist, composer, and producer who currently resides in Nashville, TN. He has toured throughout much of the world in his 17 years as a professional musician and has recorded on over 40 records including two of Pamela Rodriguez’s Latin Grammy-Nominated records: “Peru Blue” (2005) and “Reconocer ” (2012). He co-wrote the title track “Taller Children” for former Verve recording artist Elizabeth and The Catapult and has been featured on BBC as well as numerous publications, among which, the New York Times and Billboard Magazine. He currently stays active as a sideman working with James Otto, a Grammy-nominated and ACM Song of The Year Winner (2008) Nashville country singer and with the legendary singer/songwriter and 5-time Grammy winner, Christopher Cross. Matt is also an active member of the Nashville Jazz Composers Collective which is led by Dave Matthews Band saxophonist, Jeff Coffin.

Matt is a staff composer for the music licensing house, Levelo which is based in Nashville, TN. He is also a member of The Sense (formed in 2010 in New York City) which is the writing, producing, and rythym-section collaboration of Matt and Fred Kennedy (his longtime friend and musical counterpart). Through this partnership and as an individual freelance composer and producer, he writes and produces music for TV, Radio, and Film. (photo by Gavin Thomas)

Selected Discography

Tour History:

Christopher Cross (2015-present), James Otto (2015-present), Lindi Ortega (2015), Stephanie Nilles (2005-present), Dani Elliott (2012-present), Zach Brock (2002-2013), Cynthia Hopkins (2009-2013), Beat Kaestli (2008-2013), Elizabeth and The Catapult (2003-2008), The Suite Unraveling (2005-2008), Englebert Humperdinck (2013-2014), Rana Farhan (2008-2011), Louise Aubrie (2009-2013)